Monday, November 17, 2008


Hubby and I had the pleasure of "kidnapping" our nieces for the weekend! Oh what fun we had! Let's see...there was Jett 7, Mychaela 7, Luke 4, Lacey 3, and Ella 4 months!

We had lunch with Jett at school on Friday, went to the park, had a treasure hunt, made peanut butter/ honey sushi rolls (see recipe below), did lots jumping jacks, played dress up, watched a movie, had a camp out in the basement, and went to a fall fest...

We had a blast!!!

I even got to do "girl" hair on Sunday morning!

And just think, one more baby is on the way...not me...WHEW! brother and sister in law!

I found the best snack on a blog recently...peanut butter and honey sushi rolls! SO EASY

Take a slice of wheat bread. Cut the crust. Roll it flat (roller/glass anything would work for this)
spread peanut butter and layer of honey. Roll it up. Slice as you would sushi.

Of course, no honey for the babies...but great for a snack or school lunch.


dada said...

Well now, the above post is indeed a picture painted by the optimist that is April or (little Martha Stewart)as the fam calls her. Let me recount the above story from a professional pessimist's point of view.
Indeed, we did pick up our neices for the weekend and that was much fun. We enjoyed them very much and we did go to a fall fest and April got to do "girl hair". But as for the rest of the scenario, I shall quote a quaintly famous blurb in saying "and now for the rest of the story".
1.Lunch at school--while it sounds soccer momish, the reality is a squabble broke out with the secretary about this little adventure and the inalienable right to have lunch with ones children at school. Tempers nearly flared but things turned out ok and an after lunch exit smile at the secretary was all that transpired. Passive aggression wins the day!
2.The Park--yes the park was fun if you like cold and rainy.
3. The treasure hunt--sounds cozy but was actually a last ditch effort by the gram to convince four screaming, running in the house kids, that there is imaginary bounty hidden in the house so they will CALM DOOOOWWWWNNNN!!!!!!
4. PB and honey sushi--Little Martha ROCKS!
5.Jumping jacks--the only way under the sun to get my youngetst neice off the couch for 5 seconds during a commercial break from the backyardigans so we could tell her parents we actually did something.
6.Dress up--actually happened and was cute but don't tell the bro and sis n law that our 4 year old and their 3 year old got married.
7.Watched a movie--get real, the only time the tv was off was when we did jumping jacks.
8.Campout in basement--oh this one sounds so campy! Truth is, it wasn't planned and the rabinous group of over cookied children were led to believe that sleeping in the old musty but SOUND PROOF basement would be what Indiana Jones and Princess whoever would choose.
Just wanted to shed a little light on the authors magical post about a magical weekend in a magical land that is magically far far away. Love ya Lil Martha!

The Milner Family said...

Yea, a blog! I love it. WE think about you guys all the time. It is terrible that I have not emailed yo yet. It is so good to hear from you. I look forward to reading all your post and catching up. I already skimmed through them and had a good laugh. Leaving a comment should give you a link to our blog so you can catch up with our family. It will take awhile though because ours starts with referral pictures almost three years ago. That's right it is almost three years since we saw our first picture of our little boys precious face.

Love ya lots, more soon.


Dena said...

I must admit, I like Shawn's version much better. It makes me feel a little better about my lack of creativity and, okay, I'll admit, occasional laziness as a mother. Not all of us can live up to Lil' Martha's standards!! The girls had a wonderful time, however. Oh, and Lacey is definitely a couch potato if there is a TV on, and she loves to get married- whether it is to her father, her cousin, the little boy that she beats up at daycare, or the huge stuffed Shrek that Mychaela has. So I forgive you for turning my daughter into an inbreeder! Love you guys!

Gracie said...

That's my April, the little optimist. Always thinking positive thoughts unless it's about her hair.
I love the truth of it. I just want to know who's temper flared Shawn's or yours I just can't see it from either one of you!
Oh I miss y'all so much you brighten my day! Love ya Martha!