Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I had to post our experience today...the kids have been playing around power lines!
Not a good lesson, I know, but papa and dad were cutting trees and all around them were power lines down everywhere. We called the electric power in them.

And there are about 30 snapped power line poles all up and down the highway...seriously some were in three peices...I have never seen anything like it. Even the tornados I have seen, only snap the ones in their path. We were behind some workers and they were cutting the lines that were across the highway. One worker said it could be a month before we have power...he laughed, but we all know that it could take a long long time!

Gas is out at the local gas station, but we were able to get a couple of more gallons for the generator. Looks like we might have to drive sort of far to get more unless they get a delivery soon.

So far, generator still running...


Autumn said...

YIKES! Hey if you need something to post about tomorrow check out my blog ;) Only 3 more days till the big move!

Kelly said...

Hey April~of course you can check back anytime you want to on our blog site. I love hearing from you and being able to check out your new stuff you put on your site. I too am finding that blogging is addicting. Ok, well talk to you later.

Kelly C.

*kiki* said...

Oh my gosh, this is really crazy! Hope its warming up! and dont forget... if you can get out of there (for safety, of corse) come to KC!