Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rough As A Cob and Twice as Corny

I had to start off the posting today with a new "Arkansawyer" saying that I have heard as of late. These words came out of Luke's mouth...I nearly "laughed myself silly"! Of course this old time saying came from no other than his Papa!

By the way, IT IS CRAZY HERE! We have been out of power since yesterday morning and will be out at least until SATURDAY NIGHT OR LONGER! We have trees and limbs down everywhere. Gary Don (Shawn's dad) says he has never seen the timber like this before. All night, I would here a cracking sound, and then a crash! One pine tree was totally uprooted...the layers of ice on everything is insane. We actually have power lines down in the can not even get to the local town due to power lines crossing the highway. There is no water in Stone Co. due to the pump at the water dept is down. (We have a well here). Jeannie (Shawn's mom) is working for the post office...can you believe it is mail is running but she is open! She was taken by four wheeler...

So how are we surviving...GENERATOR! We are watching TV, playing on the computer, have heat...however, no washing clothes or running the dishwasher (too much amps I suppose).

One Problem...the only gas station open in the county is in Timbo right now (which is the town we are not able to get to due to down power lines) you can imagine the threat of them running out of gas...the generator runs on gas and we are getting low. What will we do? I took a shower this morning and making sure all is done before the threat of no water or electricity! We are talking Saturday or later before power returns!

Obviously the whole family is together...which is so work or school this week! That means no money too, but "time is more important than money" right?!...if I could only convince the bank of this!

SO hopefully, the pics will follow before the generator runs out of gas and we are all huddled in the only room that has a gas fireplace, surrounded by only candles and board games!

Stay Warm!


Gracie said...

I LOVE that saying I will make it a point to say that to Shane at some point today! How fun!

Gracie said...

I have been seriously saying this saying all day! It has tickled me so!
I even posted it on my FB and MS! Gotta love Arkansas! Oh and I did say it to Shane and he almost choked on his food! Thank you Luke and Papa!