Friday, January 9, 2009

Sure...We Will Teach A Parenting Class...No Problem

Last Sunday, our current Sunday School teacher approached Shawn and asked if he would teach a parenting class. He agreed, especially since he would really only be facilitating one, guided by a parenting study guide, designed for small groups.

Then it happened...lunch time came around and we took all three of the kiddos out to eat.

We are eating lunch, the atmosphere...Chinese buffet. The people...a lot of people we did not know, that his parents knew and wanted to introduce us to.

Jett and Luke began to fight over where they want to sit, bumping into the chair of the gentleman sitting beside us, Luke then whispers something crazy to Jett, where in the mean time Jett yells out "Luke said poo poo"! Then a sweet lady comes up to us to see the baby and the boys...we had never met her before mind you, when Luke decides to shove a toy right into Ella's face...just to be ornery. Then as we decide quickly that it is so time to leave, Shawn is standing up, when Luke decides to kick him in the shin...not once, but twice...which he has never done before and reports that it was an "accident", as dad tells him what is going to happen once we get out to the car.

Sure, we will teach the parenting problem.


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Becky said...

Too funny!

Gracie said...

So you have those days too??? So what happened to Luke when you got to the car? LOL It sounds like y'all are the perfect parents to teach a parenting class,since you know first hand what the little buggers can do to your patience!