Friday, March 27, 2009

A Day of Discovery...Oh yea...and a cop chase!

So Shawn took off for the day and we decided to spend time as a family and head to Little Rock to a kid's science museum (Discovery Museum). It is a 2 1/2 hour road trip (one way), we finally get to Little Rock, exit off to downtown when it happened...

We are going slow, looking for our turn, when we notice a cop running on foot, then look and find a man running up ahead of him (obviously the "bad" guy as Jett would say). Shawn rolls down his window, like he is going to help the cop, when I say "not with the children in the car...ever heard of crossfire?"...then he drives down a little further and sees another cop running. Shawn motions in the direction of the criminal (to point out the direction he is going). The policeman stops the van, says he needs to get a ride, GETS IN THE the back...looks back and sees two wide eyed boys and an infant sitting beside him and under his breath says "Ohhh". He calls on his radio, all the while telling Shawn to hurry, make a U TURN in the middle of the road, SHawn jumps the curb, hurries the direction the cop tells him to behind some buildings...meanwhile the cop is saying on his radio "you got him down on the ground?". We arrive at the scene, where another cop has the guy in the middle of getting handcuffs on him! The cop jumps out of the van to help the other cop.

What a day a discovery... and before we even make it to the museum!

We parked and the rest of the day went pretty normal...that is after, I took a picture for a male "couple" who posed so sweetly together (thank goodness there was not a lot of PDA)!

The kids had a great time and after the museum, we were walking around outside, near the river, when Jett asked Shawn..."Is that where we caught the bad guy dad?" The event sort of "set the tone" for the an exciting, but scary kind of way.

Just trying to do our part to keep city safe!

And to think we had spent the drive to Little Rock trying to avoid cops for fear of a ticket for expired tags...go figure!


The Milner Family said...

Are you for REAL? Are you sure you weren't having a nightmare? That is insane. I would have never figured that the cop would get in your vehicle. That is the kind of stuff that you see on TV. Well thanks for keeping folks safe and doing your part to keep "bad guys" of the street.

Autumn said...

NO FREAKIN' WAY! That is so funny. A story I'm sure Shawn will tell forever!

Gracie said...

OMGosh! I can't wait to tell Shane about this! How in the world! You have to write that down in a journal for future generations to read about!