Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ella Bella

Just in case you have not made it over to April Sr.'s blog (Which by the way, I hope you have...she does amazing work), here is a picture of Ella taken just yesterday.
Thanks April for capturing memories for me!


*kiki* said...

ok... so now i officially have tears in my eyes! I just miss you guys sooo sooo much! i started reading from the top and only got 3 down before i could hold back! i cant believe how big they are getting! and no matter how short or long i am away from you guys i love you more and more and they just keep getting bigger and bigger!

Gracie said...

April! Remember our written conversation! This is what I mean I'm missing every part of their lives,I HATE it! Thank God for you blogging and April SR photos. She is so beautiful!

sherry said...

She is absolutely adorable!
Thanks for the post.