Monday, April 20, 2009


Jehu...the chariot know the one... he fed Jezibel to the dogs in the book of 2 Kings 9:19-20 and 30-37. Well that is the name of the boys' pet lab.

The boys absoulutely love this dog. Jehu absoulutely loves the boys. I, on the other hand, am a dog lover at a distance. I like the "idea" of a dog. I like to love dogs in theory. This drives the boys crazy. They beg me..." Mom, please just let Jehu lick you, he loves you" or "please just wrestle with Jehu mom, please you don't love him, do you?"

Now, don't get me wrong. I think every child should experience a pet dog in their life. I think it is so special the bond between a puppy and their owners. I have many friends who dogs are so special (Zoey, Scarlett, Spence, Chance and Katie, Tootsie). For some reason, I have a hard time just letting go and letting a doggy lick me and get close enough for me to smell their doggy breath. Now remember, Jehu is a country dog and likes to eat country things,like bones of recently deceased animals, gets sprayed by skunks, and has never seen a Pampered Pet Palor or heaven forbid, had his teeth cleaned! Please, don't get me wrong. I was the one who cried (more like fell to peices) when Jehu fell off the back of the truck this past summer while we were going down the road. I am also the one that can't stand for him to be chained up for more than a hour or two.

So, ever once in a while, I have to let go and give Jehu a big hug, perhaps let him lick me and all the while, making sure that the boys see everything. I assure them that since Jehu is special to them, he is special to me. And in my heart, I know that he means more to me than I realize! He has become part of our family and I smile when I watch the boys "wrestle" with him and watch Jehu's tail wag ninety miles an hour!

That is one reason I love this picture. It shows how happy Jehu makes Jett...which makes mom happy too!


Anonymous said...

He is soooo cute! I can't believe how much he has grown, and his hair is such a great color...must be sun streaked. He looks so sweet and happy with his friend! How old is he now? Oh yeah, the kid beside hime is ok too:)

The Milner Family said...

With a name like Abby you would think that our dog would be a pampered pouch but we too have a red neck dog. You will not find her in an outfit nor will you ever see her getting a fancy shampoo. I'm not even sure when she last had a bath besides the one she takes with her tongue. She gets her nails done on the back porch and she's had the same brown leather collar since she reached full growth. Of course we have to adjust it in between seasons because of changes in her coat. She may not me pampered but she is loved and she has the biggest dog house "shed" on the block.

Jett you are too cute!

Gracie said...

AWW you mentioned my Scarlett baby! I love the picture! I knew you were a dog lover at heart! ;-)