Thursday, April 23, 2009


I made this yummy Fruit Toss with Cornmeal Shortcakes last night for was out of a Southern Living Magazine. My mother and father in law will have fresh strawberries soon, but these were store bought. The Fletcher family also make thier own homemade cornmeal (I mean really homemeade... from the corn they grew and ground from their own grinder, but it is a little too course for shortcake!) Anyway, I find any reciepe out of a Southern Living magazine is so good...pies, veggies, quiche, main dishes. I cut them out and place them in my favorite reciepe binder. I also have inherited several Southern Living cookbooks from my grandmother!

And I actually took this picture...can you believe it?! Guess whose camera I was blessed with this week...when given the oppurtunity to use her "old" camera, I get so "giddy"!

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Gracie said...

It looks yummy, was it?