Monday, July 20, 2009

Any readers left out there?!

So, I am sure there is only a few faithful people out there that is checking my blog these days...I mean, what is the point if the blog only posts once a month?! Well, we have to get our computer fixed at home...I am so missing blogging. No telling how many cute things that the kids have said over the last weeks, that were "blog worthy"! Well here is Ella Bella's pictures from her one year birthday. We had such a great time watching her every move.

Ella just watched as everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to her. Big brother Luke stood by her side to make sure her little fingers did not touch the candle.

Here, in the little town of Mtn. View, there is a GREAT cake shop...Julie's Piece of Cake (catchy name Huh?!) I found this cake on the internet and she recreated it for me. It was white cake with raspberry cream filling. It was very yummy!

We hung a clothesline up and placed photos and items from her first year on it. It was so fun to see how she had grown over the last year and to pull out her tiny "going home" outfit and first diaper (a unused one of course)!

As you can see, Ella enjoyed the cake a lot! I am telling you, she is such a joy! I am treasuring every moment, every smile. She is doing so much these days...blowing kisses, standing on her own, pointing at everything with her tiny finger, very attached to her blanky, bounces to music, potty trained, saying her ABCs (just kidding to the last two...just seeing if you was paying attention!)... but amazing I say...and not spoiled a way, not Miss Ella!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!


Gracie said...

Finally! I loved them! She is such a doll and please let me in on the potty training and the ABC! lol I love you guys!

LeAnne said...

Beautiful! Great pics! Miss you guys soooo much! Maybe we can get a trip in this fall. We could enjoy the river again or something. You will enjoy year 2 even more!!

Bekah said...

Ha-ha, I was thinking...Potty trained already!?
I still check in on your blog all the time...I haven't been very faithful with mine this summer either!
Can't believe your little girl is 1 already! She is adorable! :-)

Autumn and Haley said...

Ella is so beautiful! Wish I was there to have some of that yummy looking cake!!

April Fletcher said...

A Year already! Unbelievable how time flys. I'M so thankful for being able to watch her grow. It's been the biggest blessing to have you so close<3

Becky said...

Wow, I can't believe she's one already. She's such a cutie! Yes, I do check your blog although I don't comment much or write in my blog hardly at all these days. Miss you guys!

Kelly said...

Ohhh April, I love your blogs even if they are only once in a blue moon. Ella is soooo cute! Thanks for sharing.