Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Attention: This Blog is not dead!

I read this headline on a friend's blog not long ago and felt it would be appropriate to add it to mine. You see I LOVE BLOGGING...I miss it terribly and now that I am at home more you would think I would update more. However, my computer is dead or near dead at home. However, my blog is not. And when I work on Tuesday, into the evening, I like to sneak a post in...in between billing...so don't think I'm not working "boss"...I'm blogging on my ten minute break, you see! So I thought I might share a pic or two!

We went to Destin recently and had a blast! Here a just a couple of pics...

Here is Shawn and my dad on their new bikes. Every morning they would get up early and ride! Notice the sweet street legal golf cart in the garage behind them :)

Miss Ella Bella eating seafood! She loved the sand...and so much easier this year now she can walk...instead of having to crawl on the beach like last year!

Here are the kiddos...I actually can not believe I got them to all look at the camra at the same time...now if I could get them all to smile at the same time!

So I suppose next time I should post some of the actual beach LOL!


LeAnne said...

My blog might as well be considered "dead"! I am never on there. I do check yours often and am glad to see some new pictures! How are things going with one less job? A little calmer I am sure. I am jealous that you went to the beach. It has only been a year for me but feels like 3 or 4. You guys need to plan a trip to NWA. We sure do miss you. Ella was just a baby when we saw her last.

Anonymous said...

You have beautiful children. I like this shot.
I hope you put more beach pics on.
Love you girl.