Sunday, January 16, 2011

No Tutu...No Problem!

Ella is picky about her wardrobe these days! If you notice, she is wearing a purple flower in her hair...she picks this one out every time. She picked out her shirt as well. I was trying to get her to wear tights like the "ballerinas" do and so we had to go to the computer and show her how ballerinas wear tights (it was too cool to go without them even in the house I felt) Anyway, we showed her and she fell in love with the tutus that the ballerina were wearing. She has had one in the past, but it was pretty worn so I had to throw it away.

No ordinary skirt would do...we "had" to have a tutu!

So what does her grandma whip up?!


Good job grandma!


Anonymous said...

Hi April,
I finally checked this and read all your posts. WOW!
What a December you had. I know you told me alot of this info on the phone but my heart went out to all of you all over again.
I laughed at the LL.Bean comment.
Great family photo.
I like the Target tutu, very creative. I have wanted to try my hand at making one with some elastic and tulling.
I loved seeing Ella having tea, so sweet.

Neal D said...

Love the tutu!