Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So the hubby read the blog and was greatly offended by my comment of "loving Texas...period"! But you know, once you are a Texan you are always a Texan! I wish my two youngest children had the privilege that my oldest actually say they were born in that wonderful state! Now don't get me wrong, Arkansas is beautiful and has so many nice people, but Texas is where my "roots" are! I can still be a proud Texan and yell PIG SOOOOOIE!!!


*kiki* said...

Well.. you are from Texas. Ps. Go Tech!

Autumn said...

You know Shawn *is* the bad guy :D He stole you away and wouldn't bring you back to me lol.

The Milner Family said...

AMEN SISTER! It's a Texan thing...Shawn just wouldn't understand. I do have to say that I have worn more Razor Back Red sporting a hog than any Cowboy/Longhorns colors by far. What does that say about me?

Several weeks ago James and I spent a few days in Texas after my papa died. I think James understands Texas a little better now (bigger doughnuts and everything was cheaper...even his Dt. coke).