Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So this is my first posting on my blog! Now I finally have a place to put my random (and at times I do mean random) thoughts! I have enough experiences already, that have happened since moving to the "boonedocks", that I should have done this months ago. But here it is now! And what would a blog be without pictures of the kiddos? I know many have already seen this one of Ella, but I could not resist adding it. And I had to also add my sweet boys! By the way...I need to give credit to "One Life by April" for the adorable picture of Ella!


Becky said...

Welcome to Blogland! So glad you are up and running! It'll be great to keep up on things in your life! Say "hey" to Shawn for me and Jon!

April said...

Yah, you need something else to do, lol :-)
BTW, no credit needed, she's all adorableness and the camera loves her like everyone else.
Me and lanny are thinking about a chick flick in a little while if your bored ;-D

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the blog so far, everything that is except the subtle notion that Texas is somehow better then Arkansas. Maybe I am reading into things or maybe I am extra sensitive but this blog seems to be poking a little bit of fun at being an Arkansawyer and that is T-totally unacceptable from someone who hasn't even lived in Texas in years yet somehow has the audacity to say that the Razorbacks are one of their favorite things, which by the way is their alma mater, yet slips little hints that lean towards a Texas superiority complex. By the way, miss "southern exposure" Texas is further south.

Like the site. Love ya.
The amazing quackopractor

Anonymous said...

April, I guess you're officially in Arkansas now. We miss you all!
Love you lots...Crazy Amy

Greg said...

Hi April its ok to be a Texan.
We all know that people from the lone star state are the greatest of all. ;)
love ya dad

Kristina said...
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*kiki* said...

Awe! What a great idea! Now, you know I'll be on here daily to see if there's anything new! Although... I'm not sure how I'm going to do that being so busy at work and all... ha!

The Milner Family said...

I miss these guys so much and what a blessing it would be to FINALLY hold the first female Fletcher. We so have to get together. (We miss mom and dad too!)

Give them all a squeeze for us.