Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This is baby Ella with one of her baby dolls. She loves to put everything in her mouth...if it gets near it or if she happens to grab something on accident. (Her eyes are blue, not red as depicted in the picture!) She is almost 4 months...

Kiki and Austin came up from the Kansas City area and spent the weekend with us in October! We went four wheeling, hiking, got lost, attacked by nats, and hitchhiked a ride with strangers in a back of a truck and all! It was a very fun weekend and made many memories!

This would be Batman, Darth Vader, and nurse Ella! Nurse Ella looks quite chubby in this picture!
Just thought I would post a couple of recent pics!
Good Night All

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*kiki* said...

LOVE the costumes! Ella is a mini you! And the boys... so tough! Talk about a hiking trip, that sure was one I've never tried before. And without the memories... never again, lol!