Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Ballet

Just wanted to say that we will be going to the city soon...Kansas City!

My wonderful hubby surprised me with tickets on Friday to the KC Ballet featuring the Nutcracker! I am so excited! I have had the flyer for the performance laying right beside the computer for over a month, and almost threw it away several times thinking that we would not be able to go this year.

Of course, I gave him a hard time...saying that it was very "metrosexual" of him to order us tickets to the ballet...all of this said while he was dressed in camo, holding a rifle, going out the door to deer hunt!


Bekah said...

Hey April! I am so glad you found me and glad you have a blog too! I love reading blogs and keeping up with people this way! I can't believe you have three now, so much fun! Thanks for saying hi....I'll be lurking! :-)

Becky said...

This one's for Shawn- nice job with the wifey-poo! It made the Blog, so you know it was a good thing!