Monday, November 10, 2008

Slap Your Pappy!

Our middle son, Luke, is at such an impressionable age. He picks up so easily on words or sayings that we use. We try to be careful not to use words the flow so carelessly out of our mouths, such as "stupid" or "hate", words that are not cute when a little on says them. However, there is another set of words and sayings that our son has quickly picked up on. You see, he spends a lot of time around his papa. Papa was raised in the Ozarks and has a whole set of words that are not spoken anywhere else except "these parts"! Just this morning, I overheard a conversation between Samuel, Luke's cousin, and Luke. "Samuel, you want a bacon sandwich? It is so good it will make you Slap your pappy!"
Yes, it is true.
Other things overheard are "Colder than a frog's head", "sody pop", and "pushaline" (instead of gasoline), and "meaner than an ole yeller dog".
So, as hard as I try to correct him on his accent and sayings, I'm afraid that I am fighting an uphill battle. For I found myself, just this morning, after Luke's comment, asking "What in the Sam hill did you just say?!"
Such is life in the Ozarks!

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April sr said...

Watcha all fird up fer April? Keep yer britches on, I hear tell that Southern talks gudnuff for the preacher so its gudnuff for us. Leastways that's wat Granny wud say. I reckon yer kin to some of the peachest folks in this here county. Ya ought to pay no mind to things ya can't change. Just let it roll off you like a water off a ducks' back. He's just a growin youngin is all :-)