Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas and Finally a Post!

So I am finally sitting down and typing a post!

Merry Christmas! And to all that is Christmas cards will be coming in the mail...This would be the first time in sixteen years that I am not sending out cards. I even have a family photo for them...wanted them...had great intentions of even a "warm and fuzzy" Christmas letter, but these days, it is amazing that I am even sitting down and typing a post!

Christmas at our house was wonderful! Ella loved the wrapping paper, Jett and Luke have been playing non stop with all the fun toys! Shawn and I staying in our PJs all was good!

For those who are interested, I thought I would give an update...

All is well at the office. We are slower than we want to be, but a couple of things we have learned are...bad weather literally shuts the town down (for days at a time), people will complain about the money you charge (even if you spent an hour with them, gave them the exam and therapies free and only charge a Medicare copay of $5.92...yes, it happened for real!), people will look you in the eye and say "I will pay you tomorrow" and leave the office, not return and leave you a number that is bogus, and filing insurance really stinks (too much red tape)!

There are good things, of course,...I am not "clocking" in anywhere and get to spend my days with my most wonderful husband that keeps me laughing with his great sense of humor, can run errands and be on the internet anytime I want at work and not worry about "bosses", have such great sitters for the children that I do not worry when I am away, cash patients are out there and do come, and Shawn has had wonderful feedback from so many about how he has helped them!

So there you have it...that is an update on the office.

Next, catch up on the trip to Kansas City for the ballet...WE HAD A BLAST! The boys have not been back since we moved and let me tell you, when we pulled in Friday, to Overland Park, the boys were squealing with excitement...I joined in...of course! Jett spent the weekend with his best friend and our old neighbors...Luke spent Saturday with KiKi and Austin, and Shawn and I ate the best sushi, watched the ballet downtown Kansas City, and followed it up with the Cheesecake factory! We truly felt like it was was was like we had just been on a long vacation or felt so natural to us to drive the streets. It was so good for the soul I must say!

So now that I am sort of caught up, I must post pictures soon.

To all a good night!

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