Saturday, December 6, 2008


So, I heard a loud scream...ran to the the bathroom, only to find my son Luke with a look of horror and pain on his face...he raised the lid, was going to the bathroom when the lid fell and shut right on his little is bad...swollen and bruised. Poor guy!

Our first day was so fun! We had about six patients and with those six, 12-14 appointments were scheduled over the next two weeks! We had a blast, Shawn and I would sit there, waiting for the phone and the next car to pull up. We laughed over "marketing" techniques we should use...such as him by the road directing traffic into the parking lot...or dancing by the road with a model spine! The local chiropractor in town came by and greeted us with a great plant...such a blessing...and we got several delervies that day from my family...several wonderful plants...the office looks good with all the greenery! It was a day that Shawn and I will never we have waited for forever. We were exhausted by the end of the day from the nervous excitement that we had all day long.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!


Gracie said...

Could be worse, could have gotten it caught in his zipper! Bless his heart!

*kiki* said...

Poor boy! Guess he has learned his lesson? I could only imagin.
Oh... and I can see the both of you right now.. all nervous waiting for people to come in.... standing up and then standing down... trying to decide if you should greet them at the door, then Shawn saying... no, just sit down... lol! And the whole dancing in the street! I think that would be a great tactic! But make sure you have the video camera! Im so happy it went so well for you guys!

Bekah said...

Shawn's practice opening is so awesome! I remember when you told us he was going to school to be a Chiropractor. So happy for you to see all his hard work come to fruition! Congratulations guys!