Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Choice

I have hacked into the wifey's blog and figured out how to post so thought I'd leave a little note for her;) You are amazing. You find a way to nurture me and the kids, work full time at our office where, by the way, you do way more than "the doctor", you clean, you get kids ready for school and for bed, give baths when it would be easier to say "we'll do it tomorrow night", you are always looking out for the good of your family, you get up with the baby at night, you get yourself ready and are always beautiful every morning in the midst of getting a baby together for the day, and another ready for school, making sure the homework is in the backpack and the backpack is on the kid, you make sure that your kids and your husband feel loved and important everyday, you are the busiest person I know, yet the kindest and quickest to show love. I look at what you do every day and I think it is more than I accomplish in a week. Your deeds are many, your love obvious and penetrating,your smile sweet and your laugh a shield against many stresses. The most amazing thing, though, is that we have one life to live, and you choose everyday to pour yours into our marriage and our family. You give your greatest gift to me everyday, by choice. I am so grateful and I do not derserve it. Thank you.


LeAnne said...

Bravo Shawn!!
You guys are so amazing, I use you as an example often when talking about a couple so in love and devoted to each other. Miss you!

Becky said...

Wow Shawn! Way to bless your wife publicly. What a great way to show your love to her. You guys ARE amazing!