Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Whining is not worth it tonight

For the last several days...every since my trip to Texas, I have been preoccupied at times, with where we are living. There have been several instances where Shawn and I look at each other and think...do we really live here now? It has been a change...not all negative of course, but nonetheless, a change. At times, I have told Shawn, I can not wait until he retires, so we can move back to the city.

Then you read another persons story, their trial, their worries.

And suddenly it is all "small stuff".

Tonight, I choose not to whine, my kids are healthy...very healthy, we are all together tonight enjoying warm peanut butter cookies with cold milk, I have a wonderful husband that makes me laugh, a family on his and my side, that support and encourage us. Siblings, neices, nephews that are healthy and distance does not seperate the bonds. Blessed with a job where Shawn and I can be together every day. My children do not have to be in daycare, they build forts in the woods, have cousins to play with, I can visit april on a whim, I leave my car unlocked at night and the keys in the ignition, people wave going down the road, even if they do not know you. My basic needs are met everyday, with no worries of going without.

I am truly blessed.

So tonight, I choose not to whine, for that would waste a moment in which to be thankful.


Gracie said...

Amen Sister! I have learned that even though we have moved to northern country and we live in a house I would NOT have chosen for myself and it's on base ,we are together and happy. Family is the most important possession we can have and complaining or whining doesn't change the circumstances that you're in anyway so smile,trust in the Lord and love your family,where ever you are!

*kiki* said...

Sniff... Love it! What a great look at life! We should all do it more often.