Sunday, January 18, 2009


So I braved the road with a four year old and six month old all the way to Texas, by myself. I finally arrived...exhausted and with the feeling of running a daycare in the confinement of a minivan! However, all in all, it was not too bad. I was able to manage to run a DVD player, place the binky in the mouth of the baby by looking into the rear view mirror, using the reflection of the backseat baby mirror, read a book while driving (out of memory of course!), use the restroom with a preschooler beside me and a baby on my lap, squeezing the baby between my knees while I washed my hands and place the baby on my hip while raising up the little guy to wash his hands, tolerate Little Einsteins, listening to Ella cry, and hearing the defaulted oil alarm dinging over and over without banging my head against the window in insanity, empty the good water out of the water bottle so that the little guy could use the bathroom in it, instead of the huge production of getting us all out of the car to repeat the bathroom regimen, and stoping three times within a thirty minute time frame due to crying of baby and a four year old that did not like to hear his baby sister screaming!

All of it was worth it...I got to spend the whole week in Texas!

And I would like to of course share a photo or two...still having fun with Aunt April's camera! So much fun, that I maybe she will forget that I have it...just kidding April!

Oh...and dad, after reading this post, I hope you see why the trip to your house will include an airplane...not a road trip! Love you!

Having trouble posting pics...will try again soon!


Autumn said...

April, I am so glad you took a day out of your trip to come see me! I cried on the phone to one of my friends when you left, saying that I might have seen you for the last time! That can't happen!!! Michael and I were reminiscing last night about the time that you and Shawn bravely helped us move. You were the only ones there for us. We love you guys!

Gracie said...

April I'm so glad you got to go and stay for as long as you did! Glad to know I'm not the only mother that has had to resort to the water bottle conversion just so you don't have to stop and get the baby out! Little boys are great for that! I love you!