Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just Hitched!

My sister got married in Texas this past week! Here is a peek at one of the pictures...just could not wait to share! Julie and Jay were married on Monday, January 12th. They decided to have a "low key" wedding now and to have a bigger reception later in the spring. A pastor of a local "Cowboy church" married them. It took place in a small building, with just a couple of close friends and family. The ceremony was so intimate and special. I have to say, it was one of my favorite moments. My sister was glowing all day. Congratulations little sis and one last word...FINALLY! Oh sorry...more last when will I be having a niece or nephew...I know you love that question!


Gracie said...

Congrats Julie! We love you and miss you! You're all grown up and it's hard to believe you went from that huge tom boy that hated getting your hair brushed, (and that teamed up with Daniel to chase April and I ,with whatever bug y'all found at the time,to turn us into screaming banshee's. LOL) to a beautiful woman! Oh and ditto on the niece and nephew question, inquiring minds want to know??? ;-)

*kiki* said...

She looks sooo beautiful!