Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Confessions of a Mommy Blogger

I came across an article that I enjoyed so know the articles, the ones that pinpoint what you are feeling, or make you laugh because you can relate? Over the last seven years, several have been so good, I have tore them out and kept them. One of the latest was from a mommy blogger. Some things I thought we could relate to...

"When asked if I worry about being stalked...the only people who stalk me, wear dirty nursing bras and mashed yams...they are another words, my people."

"Blogging is the underbelly of scrapbooking. In the scrapbook version of my summer vacation, I would paste together a sunny collage of sea and sand and smiling kids. In the blog version, I might be more inclined to mention the steaming beach Port-A-John, where the final quarter of my son's sandwich ended up tumbling into the reeking blackness. If scrapbooking is the urge to put it all together, blogging might be the urge to take it all apart. Blogging might not make life tiddier, but it keeps lift in your memory, and keeps it real"

"I think blogging actually makes me a better parent because I feel like I'm being watched, even if the feeling is self-imposed. It's like the way I'm a better parent when there are guests in the house-more inclined to make waffles and play Monopoly. Maybe you could describe it as feeling like there guests in my psyche."

"I go throught my day in a kind of "compose post" mode, where I'm actively selecting words to describe my children - their beauty, their quirkiness, their inner lives - and that process helps me to see them, to be mindful of who they are. Writing gives me a way to step back from my life and really see it. To watch my kids and feel the gratitude flood through my veins. To connect the dots so I can tell the story the way I feel it, even though, my goodness, there are a million true ways to tell any story!"

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*kiki* said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!! I may not be a mommy yet.... but I understood every word she said!