Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Day in the Ozarks

Today was a big day for a certain "domestic" housewife that lives far away from consumer temptations of any sort.

I am proud of several accomplishments today.

I made my first pan of biscuits today...homemade, I might add. This is a BIG deal here. You see, I am the only female in the family that has not done this up until today. Shawn's grandma, at 80, still gets up every morning and cooks biscuits. She lives alone, but prepares some in case family should drop by for breakfast...which seems to happen almost everyday.

I also made my first dress for baby Ella. I am having so much fun sewing adorable dresses. I finished a simple one and starting on her an Easter dress. Who knew that you can make a dress for so cheap! Thanks to my mom who taught me to sew, despite all the complaining when I was young! I figured I would never use such a I am...actually having fun at it.

So this is what you do, on a Saturday, when isolated...cook biscuits and sew. Or is this more of an age thing? Surely not!

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Gracie said...

Oh how I wish I remembered how to sew like mom taught us! I was just telling someone yesterday how we use to belly ache about Theda showing us how to sew and entering us in those sewing contest! How we always said why do we need this when we have Dillard's! Who knew she would be right and we would want to make our own clothes someday. Do you think she's up to giving me lessons now? I'm willing is she able? LOL