Thursday, February 12, 2009


If you are love tax time!

This is the season that you feel like you won the lotto. This is how it feels for us. Last year, we had a baby...cha ching...Shawn was in school...cha care...cha ching...I held out too much taxes at my work...cha ching...student loan interest...cha get the point.

Well this causes an elevated mood...getting word on a good tax return. Our children, especially Jett, experiences this mood when he gets something he wants as well. Shawn and I will laugh at how polite, agreeable, and "giddy" he is when he gets a new toy, or gets to go somewhere extra fun. "Clean up my room? Sure no problem! Brush my teeth, I will right now". We laugh and and just wink at each other.

When you open a new business and struggle for EVERY LITTLE THING...including just buying hairspray for goodness sake, let me tell you, it feels so good to catch up on bill and not have to worry for a month or two about how in the world you are going to make it!

So, after I returned from H & R Block this week, we experienced that same mood that Jett does. The "elated" and "on top of the world" mood. It was almost comical to look back on how we greeted our next patient, after finding out about our tax return...We were extra bubbly and talkative...can't pay problem! I am sure they thought, wow, what supplement do they take...I want some!

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The Milner Family said...

Very cute post and oh so real! I loved to comment about the supplements. I'm so happy for your "Giddiness."

How are things going with the new business? Hug the kids for us.