Friday, April 3, 2009


Did anybody watch ER last night? Did anyone feel sort of sad that it was ending? Did anyone actually cry during the ER backflashes they played at 7 before the two hour finale? Did anyone continue to cry after it was all over with?

Ahem...maybe I was just having an emotional night.

I watched ER all during my college years...fellow JBU blog readers...remember ER nights in the duplexes? ER has been on for 15 has been playing while I was in college, nursing school, during our time in Dallas, when Jett was born, during St. Louis, during chiro school in Overland Park, during Luke's last four years, during our move to Mtn. View and thru Ella's see, much of my 16 1/2 years of marriage it has been on. Now, I have to admit, the last eight years, since Jett's arrival, I have not watched it all, but I always knew it was there...if I wanted to plop down on a Thursday night to watch it. I watched it mostly during Dr. Ross' years, Dr. Green's cancer, and Dr. Carter's mission work. It was so fun to see little Reece with his dad and Rachel all grown up now. It makes me want to buy the seasons that I have missed just to catch up.

Thanks to my dear husband for entertaining the kiddos while I sat there the entire three hours!


The Milner Family said...

I can't believe that you posted about this. I just shared with Kayla about how we had ER parties and made milk shakes. She thought that the milk shake thing was cool but did not remember it. Yes it was very emotional though I'm not sure I really cried. I came very close when I saw Dr. Green. I still feel sad about how that all ended up. And it was so very cool to see Reece and Rachel all grown up. It kinda made me feel like we were truly walking away form our college years. The other thing that could have made it better would have been a milk shake and the college gang watching the thing together. We miss those days so much. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad that we were not the only ones who remembered!

LeAnne said...

I am just finishing the 2 hour last episode. I had it on the DVR. I have watched it faithfully for all 15 years. I don't know what I will do with myself on Thursday nights now. Although, that new cop show looks pretty good!

Gracie said...

I use to watch it faithfully until they got on their political soap box all the time! Then I hated it. I didn't even know it was ending yet. I'm an major Gray's anatomy fan now!