Sunday, April 5, 2009

Poking Fun

Ok...I have several things to mention concerning Arkansas...

First of all, what do divorces and tornadoes have in common in Arkansas?

Give up?...

Either way, you can guarantee someone is going to loose a trailer!

Could not resist sharing this joke.

Moving On...

Seriously guess what I saw this weekend? Well, it was prom night around here on Saturday night. We were out at a local diner and saw several couples and one was wearing no other than a camo...yes, a camoflage formal...complete with a hunter orange satin sash...I AM NOT KIDDING YOU! It was floor length mind you. It was not the trendy "pink camo". We are talking, "I am hiding in the woods" camo. You know what was really didn't look half bad...yes it was camo green, but the gal that was wearing it was so adorable and it was nicely made. I wish I could have got a picture...only in Arkansas my friends!

Now for the confession. Shawn and I, along with his parents went to the local "Hoe Down Comedy Show" this had it all...clogging, some old music...and the best part was a comedian that used to be in was great! It was fun to drive only 30 minutes for entertainment...instead of 2 and a half hours!

Good Evening All!


Autumn said...

HAHAHAAAAA! Those Arkansas people sure are weird :P

Now, Texans, we're a whole 'nother breed of class ;)

Gracie said...

I love Arkansas I can't wait to get up thier and enjoy it with you! Yee Haw!