Friday, April 10, 2009

How's Business: Part 2

Just want to give glory to God for a great two weeks! Things have picked up considerably the last two weeks! Shawn would never share this, but I will :)...He is getting great testonimals...I know you can't always expect to be able to help everyone, but we had a patient come in today and tell us that she overheard some people talking at the gas station about how great he was and so she decided to give him a chance...the local MD's in town are referring...which is bringing in business and a lady today, who had never been to the chiropractor in her life, came out to the front desk and said..."I can't believe how much better I feel already"...I can actually touch my toes...another lady this afternoon said..."your husband is amazing"...

Shawn just came in and does not want me to post this...but guess what...this is MY blog!

Yes...we give God the glory...for we pray each morning that He will help Shawn help people and that He would be given the glory!

Just wanted to share...happy thoughts :)

Happy Easter everyone!


kelly said...

Hey April, Kelly Carmichael here. Just wanted to say Hey and let you know I have been enjoying your blogs. Take care.


Gracie said...

Tell Shawn in order for God to get the glory the stories have to be told! God is working through him and what a testimony that is! Praise God that he has given Shawn the ability to help these people and through his hands God is healing the sick! What a blessing! Glory to our God on High!

*kiki* said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! God is so good!!!! PS. guess you getter start watching those women, lol!