Thursday, June 4, 2009


Seriously...has it been that long since I posted on my blog? I can not believe it...I never thought I would go that long! Well, the home computer is totally on the blink now. So, at work, I try to catch up on email, facebook and oh yea, have to do process insurance as well and do all the office duties. So, I wanted to let the few visitors to this blog know that I am headed to the beach and will be gone for a week! I hope to have some great pictures. I am giddy today about it and I am sure that everyone that is not going, is tired of my talking about it. I have not been to the beach since 8 years ago. THANK YOU DAD for that amazing trip! We are so overdue for building sand castles and body surfing. Shawn needs a break from this office that is for sure. I want to make a talking about the office for the whole week! All is good, but it sort of "saturates" you all the know what I mean?

Hope to post again soon!


The Milner Family said...

Have a great! Think about us often!

April said...

Woohoo here we come for some fun in the sun! Can't wait April : )

sherry said...

I have been thinking about you. I know you will enjoy the beach. Can't wait to see some pictures. Wish I was there.