Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Enduring Nicknames

Does anyone else out there in my blogging circle, have nicknames for their children?
Jetterbug, Lukester, and Ella Bella.
It's funny how these names are so natural to me, that I rarely call them by their given names,unless, of course...they are in trouble!


Neal D said...

Oh yeah, nicknames are great!

Tim is never Tim, he's Timothy (in trouble), Timmer, Buddy, Bud, Junior, Short stuff.

Emma is Emmita Bonita, Ems, Baby, Little One, Girlie.

Good stuff!

Gracie said...

Kain is Kainster, Kainie Bug,and my love or DKB on the rare occasion he is in trouble it's Dalen Kain.
Kason's is Tron,Contradiction,Nut head or Nut,Love bug, stinker, or KASON JAMES! We say the latter one a lot,since he is in Trouble a lot Or at least getting into some kind of dangerous situation! Do you think you can tell from these nicknames which of the two is our handful?
Oh I'm not a fellow blogger but had to share none the less!