Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It is that time of year again. Time to plan Jett's birthday party. Now, I LOVE BIRTHDAY PARTIES. We go all out here! I think it stems from my own childhood birthday parties. Most summers, I was at my dad's house, so I would party there. Dad and Carol hosted some amazing parties.
My five year old party was at the park, the covered picnic area turned into a draw bridge and they got their hands on life size Sesame Street characters (Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster) that sat around everywhere. They brought me to the park after it was all set up to surprise me.
One birthday I had a Micheal Jackson Thriller Birthday. My dad spent days turning in the old garden area into a forest of dead trees to make it look scary. The party was at night. He set up an outdoor theatre so we could watch Thriller on the big screen outside!
I had a great cabbage patch party. The cake had a cabbage patch kid out of icing on top...looked awesome. There was cabbages set around everywhere made out of tissue paper, little cabbage patch diapers for party favors. Everyone brought their doll to the party.
Another party, Carebear...I do believe, Carol bought me a tiara to wear during the party...I remember how special I felt.
These are just some of the great parties I had...along with slumber parties as well..you know the kind...a bunch of "giggly girls" staying up really late, screaming and laughing!

So I come by birthday parties naturally. Jett's first birthday, I made a sweet baby blue cake with a handmade sailboat on top (Martha Stewart baby idea). I made these cute sugar cookies that were shaped like little fish...NOW WHEN I TELL ALL THIS, REMEMBER, I GOT THE IDEAS FROM SOMEWHERE IN A BOOK OR INTERNET. I AM NOT CREATIVE, JUST COPY OTHER PEOPLE'S CREATIVITY! His second birthday, was a circus theme with a Lion cake (another Martha Stewart baby idea) and little cups that looked like a circus tents filled with animal crackers. His third birthday...Toy Story with life size poster of Woody on the wall, everyone got a hat, bandana. We also made rice crispie treats shaped like a car. You will have to do this...you mold it like a car and use fruit loops for wheels (how this relates to Toy Story I am not sure, but it was fun)...His fourth birthday we did a camo birthday party (this one was sort of small, but we had neighbors there but we played games and handed out army guys, dog tags, etc for goodies). His fifth was a Batman party theme with a hired clown that was so great. She did a magic show, painted all the kids faces (batman mask, camo), and did baloon art (small fortune), his sixth was at Pump It Up... a great two rooms filled with blow up activities (slides, basketball, obstcale courses) another small fortune, his seventh was a treasure hunt adventure theme. We had a treasure chest full of small treasures. The party crew went on a treasure hunt thru the woods. We had made a map and they had to go to each spot and get another clue...they had to climb over stuff, hike a hill, pull a clue out of the water (in a container) and finally they found the loot. It was underground full of 50 gold one dollar coins!
Luke's first birthday was a "beach theme". I found this great bundt pan at Williams Somona that was shaped like a sand castle and some course India brown sugar that looked just like sand. We had goldfish and rice crispies for a snack. All the guest got sand pails with goodies. His second was really low key, but really special. My brother got married on his second birthday, so we got some cupcakes with a candle and sang happy birthday to him in Lubbock Texas. His third birthday rocked. It was western theme. We took a saw horse and put a saddle on it, had hay bales, sack races, gave out hats, bandanas, handcuffs and sheriff badges. His uncle brought up his horse to give pony rides!
To me, I love planning them...especially games and goody bags...that is the best part of the party planning!

This was a really long post huh! It is helping me not focus on the intense hunger pains I am feeling right now!

This post was more for the writer than the reader...obviously as I took a complete trip down memory lane.

What is so great, is that birthdays come every year...now I have three to plan for and can't wait. Jett wants a spy party this year, I have been searching on fun games and ideas. Luke thinks he want Indiania Jones party (even though he is not allowed to watch the movie) he loves to dress up like him. Ella...well look out...who knows what the first party might be! It will be fun to plan a girl party.

Well goodnight all...hope you enjoyed my rambling!


Bekah said...

Do you hire out for party planning?! I mean WOW! That is so awesome April! A spy party sounds like a lot of fun, I bet you will find lots of fun things to do with that theme! Have fun! :-)

Gracie said...

I love planing the boys birthday parties also! I focus mainly on the cake,I love to decorate cakes! The boys always feel so special and I love how happy it makes them. Kason wants The movie CARS this year. He has already made me buy the pan for it and can't wait for me to "make his cake"! It's so much fun! I wish I could be there for Jett's party!