Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shriveled Hands

Shriveled hands...that is what I will have this coming week. If you have read my past blog entry, you know that Shawn and I are doing a contest every week to see who can lose the most percentage of weight. Whoever loses, has to do baths for all three kids all week long. Yes, I lost. I was not happy about it and walked away in disgust from the scale about 20 feet, turned and walked back to the scale and had gained, yes gained, .5 how does this happen! My dear husband had put a cold pack (we weigh at work) behind his back, then wieghed, trying to let me win, but he had lost three pounds and I had lost only a half the pack did not help me out in the least. It was nice of him to try. Now don't get me wrong...he has enjoyed teasing me about this! This week was so hard. I walked around hungry, it felt like all the time. We took the weekend off of the "healthy eating plan" for sanity and will be back at it tomorrow.
Happy Starving again! (Mom, don't worry, I am eating more than most on a diet...I think losing proves it)


LeAnne said...

I joined a weight loss challenge a few weeks ago. If you gain you have to pay a dollar a pound. Well, last week I had to pay. It was humiliating. I don't know that this week will be any better! I am right there with you, only I have about 40 more pounds to lose than you! Think about that when you are having a bad day!!!! Good luck this week.

Gracie said...

OH April, Shawn has the advantage here! Men always loose more weight on average than women! They burn it faster and keep it off better! I'm afraid you have set yourself up for lots of bath time! Find a better challenge like who will look better in a bikini! LOL
(wait on second thought don't do that because Shawn would put one of yours on like he did your wet suit that time,Kain still has that picture up in his room!)TOO FUNNY!